Ridge Tile Repairs Dublin

Ridge Tile Repairs


Roof Ridge Repairs Dublin

A ridge tile roof repair in Dublin is the most common call out we receive. Traditionally ridge and hip tiles were fixed with mortar. Because mortar is heavily dependant on the weather, it is prone to cracking and breaking up over time. Because of this nearly two thirds of all roofing claims are related to ridge failure. Having correctly fitted ridge and hip tiles on your roof is crucial within ensuring the longevity of a roof.

Addressing a ridge tile roof repair early can reduce the need to replace your existing roof at a later date. When addressing a ridge tile roof repair we ensure that it complies with Irish building standards. We provide a same day call out and quotation for customers who have issues with ridge tiles on their home. If it is a small repair, we can make a repair on the spot sparing you any concern over long term damage.

Before any work is carried out we will carry out a thorough inspection and can make recommendations on the work your roofing ridge may require. All City Roofing are a long standing company with years of industry experience, so you can rely on us to deliver the highest quality of work.

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